Casignano is a small village in the town of Cavriglia (nicknamed “The Gateway to Chianti”) and is a quick, 60-minute drive to the marvelous Tuscan cities of Arezzo, Florence, and Siena. The estate is situated on an old road of Etruscan origin that used to be a communication route between the valleys of Chianti and Valdarno. Both the road through Borgo Casignano and its various properties have been distinctly important for the passage of men and goods since the Roman period. In fact, the estate’s church, two of its guesthouses (Ospizio and Capanno), as well as several remaining stone walls on the property bear witness to the importance of Casignano throughout Tuscan history. The Innocenti of Florence constructed the main house in 1783 to provide shelter for orphans, and from the front façade you can still see a sandstone representation of an infant in arms.

The church is a 12th century Roman church dedicated to San Lorenzo. It is a small, rectangular building that was renovated in 1990 while maintaining its characteristic “Romanesque” architectural style. In front of the church there is a house named “Ospizio” that used to be a refuge for pilgrims and travelers. Nearby is another house called “Capanno” that used to be a stable. Casignano was abandoned for 30 years, from 1950-1980 during a period of intense urbanization in Italy, but in the last 25 years the Zappa family has restored the entire village to reclaim its original beauty. The San Lorenzo Church and the Ospizio house, both dating from the 12th century, are today historical monuments and are under the protection of the Italian Ministry of Culture.

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