Spumante Brut




Borgo Casignano, Monti del Chianti
Cavriglia (Arezzo)

Alcoholic Content
12% vol.

Trebbiano e Malvasia

Casignano Brut sparkling wine is obtained in cuvée close, utilizing the Charmat method. The basic raw materials are the classic white grapes cultivated in the Tuscan hills: Trebbiano and Malvasia. The grapes, harvested in cases during the cool hours of the day, are vinified with slight maceration. The following year the wine obtained spends 6 weeks in autoclaves for further fermentation. After 15 days of cooling below 0°, it is bottled and laid to mature in the cellar for 6 months before sale.

Appearance: Pale yellow, dense foam with a delicate and persistent perlage.
Bouquet: Intense fruity scent that calls to mind yellow apples, peaches, exotic fruit, and flowers including Wisteria and Acacia.
Taste: Nicely full and long on the palate in complete harmony with the bouquet.


Località Casignano 81, Castelnuovo dei Sabbioni – 52022 Cavriglia - Arezzo - Italy - tel. +39 055-967090 fax +39 055-9678984 P. IVA 06789844444
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