Located next to the swimming pool and accessible through walkways lined with lavender and rosemary bushes, the Bar is now the village meeting point—but it used to be a chicken coop! In 2000 it was completely restored while maintaining its original shape. Its foundation rests on a single stone, and the high oaks surrounding it provide shade and respite on the hot summer days. It’s the perfect place to listen to music, read a book, and most importantly, to taste our wines. The Bar has a fully equipped kitchen and dining area in which to enjoy aperitivi, a romantic dinner, or even an impromptu dinner party.

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Località Casignano 81, Castelnuovo dei Sabbioni – 52022 Cavriglia - Arezzo - Italy - tel. +39 055-967090 fax +39 055-9678984 P. IVA 06789844444